"Us" is really me, Joe Silvasi of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I began shooting archery in the front yard of the farm in New Jersey
that my father & I lived on in 1968 and transitioned to competitive shooting in college in 1972. I soon found myself involved in
organized leagues at "Pro-Flint" in Riverside, NJ and shot there alongside Frank Pearson and others thru the 1970's. Marriage,
family and work kept me away from archery for a period in the 1980's, but in 1989 I found myself back into competitive shooting
and attending the Atlantic City Archery Classic in 1990. One evening after checking out the next days shooting schedule, I
happended into a bunch of Arbalists in the hotel lobby where I met Grace Kremer. Well, to make a long story short, she
passed my name and address on to Gil Frey who wrote me a wonderfully warm letter inviting me into the sport. I spoke with Gil
and had several letters with him discussing various aspects of the sport over the next couple of years. But it took a trip to
Lancaster Archery 1992 after I had undergone ankle surgery where I met "Big Bob" Kauffold to really light the fire. Bob put a
crossbow in my hand for the first time and showed me how to shoot. This was a real chore since I was on crutches and had my
left leg in a cast. He joyfully retreived the bolts that afternoon and then led me around the shop and showed me all manner of
crossbows, accessories and equipment. In 1994 I finally decided to do something about my desire to get in to crossbow
shooting - I bit the bullet and cut out a stock fom one of the siloettes that Gil had sent me and made my first crossbow that fall.
Three weeks from start to shooting in the Fall Fita at Atlantic County Community College where I met Tom Holland and learned
that Gil had recently passed on. I had never met the man face to face, but after the conversations and letters that we had, I felt
like I had known him well and was crushed to learn that I would never be able to thank him for inspiring me to get into this great
sport. His open, frank and warm personality embody everything that I've come love about the sport and the respect that I've
observed around the world toward him. The rest is pretty much history from that point forward: Taiwan 1996; Hungary 1998;
qualified for New Zealand in 2000 but had to withdraw due to work requirements; qualified for Croatia 2002 but then 911
happened. I was fortunate to shoot at Bloomfield in 2007 finishing 5th. I've been both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Indoor
and Outdoor champion numerous times, shoot regularly at the Indoor and Outdoor Nationals and TNC open. I've decided to put
this website together to give something back to the sport which I've grown to love and help spread the good will and comaradery
that I've encountered accross the world from other arbalists. They are no longer with us, but it's in the spirit of Gil and "Big Bob"
that I dedicate this site to the good will and friendship that they embodied.